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How Getting Rid of Bed Bugs isn't as bad as You Think

How Getting Rid of Bed Bugs isn't as bad as You Think : Remember when you were kids your parents used to say "don't let the bed bugs bite" every night before you go to bed? Well, they were not kidding. Bed bug Bites are so irritating, they can give you skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and they will kick you out of your own bed just like an angry wife. The worst thing is they can multiply very quickly, even you already knew how to get rid of bed bugs but you left out one single fertilized female bed bug, in a matter of weeks you will be facing the same problem all over again. This is because one fertilized female bed bug will continuously lay 3-4 eggs everyday until the end of its life span. During its entire lifespan, a female bed bug can generate as many as 500 eggs.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Getting Rid of bed bugs

The easiest method in getting rid of bed bugs is obviously to spend money on a pest control service. Just sit back, relax (after you make sure there are no bed bugs on the seat, of course) and when they're done your problem will be gone. But it could be expensive, besides, if you don't choose the service carefully, your house might end up like a toxic wasteland after they sprayed everything with dangerous pesticides. So unless you have a really serious bed bugs infestation, it would be safer and much cheaper to do the eradication yourself, which is actually not that hard.

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1. Remove as much clutter as you can, bed bugs are tiny and their color also makes them quite difficult to see, so the clutter will just make it more difficult for you to find them. When you have found them - usually on stuff that are covered in fabrics, like blankets, garments, jackets, cloth items, stuffed items, seat cover, sofa, etc. - clean them using a vacuum cleaner and wash them in 160º F hot water. The hot water will kill any remaining bed bugs and also destroy their eggs.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
2. Dismantle your bed to reveal all crevices that the bed bugs can use as hiding places. Use the vacuum again to clean all the area, and this time also use an eco-friendly non-toxic bed bug killers, there are some good products from reputed brands that you can choose, if you're having a problem finding one, you can search the internet first before you go to the supermarket

3. From your dismantled bed, now focus on the box spring and mattress to see if there's any opening that can be used by the bed bugs as their entry point to nest. If you find one and you see that there's an infestation of bed bugs inside the mattress, you can either use the non-toxic bug spray or you can use a mattress cover to seal the mattress completely, or you can do both instead.

4. When you're done with the bed, now it's time to work on your furnishings. When cleaning a desk for example, take out the drawers and inspect the furniture thoroughly. Clean the areas where the bed bugs are likely to be hiding in using the eco-friendly bug spray, you can also vacuum the area before you spray.

How Getting Rid of Bed Bug Bites

5. Cracks and crevices are usually the bed bugs' playground, so inspect your house and if you find any cracks on your wall you should seal them immediately, you can use caulk as the sealer, it's easy to use and quick. Make sure you check all the walls, voids around windows, baseboards, pipes, and also moldings. not only your interior, you also have to inspect your exterior and check any gaps that could be used by the bed bugs as their nesting place. If you any bird nest, get rid of it as well, and if you see some rodents, you will also need to handle that problem. Rodents could act as hosts for the bed bugs, so even if you have eradicated the bed bugs but there are still rodents, in a matter of weeks your house could be re-infested by the bed bugs.

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6. The final step is to scrub all infested areas based on your inspections earlier using water and a hard bristle brush. This process could dislodge any eggs that are attached strongly to surfaces, additionally it could also remove the residue left by the bug spray. Even though you're using a non-toxic spray, an extra precaution is always necessary.

If the bed bugs infestation in your house is not too severe, all those steps above will eradicate them and help you to get rid of bed bugs bites for good.

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