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How To Remove Bed Bugs From Home

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Home : If you're waking up with the famous bed bug bites, it may be time to do something about it. If you find the little things roaming around on your bed, especially by the seams, don't freak – you can usually treat them yourself if the infestation isn't that bad. Success will rely on a few factors including stuff related to the environment like debris, clutter, any neighboring infestations and having everyone equally participate. Read on below for tips and tricks on getting rid of bed bugs in your place and furniture. It may surprise you.

Remove Bed Bugs From Home

1. Identify The Bed Bug Problem

You're going to want to inspect all areas that these little pests could be hiding. Make sure to check surrounding spaces as well. If you're planning on vanquishing the problem, you need to determine how bad the infestation is. Also make sure to identify the insect correctly – you don't want to treat for fleas when it could simply be bed bugs causing the problem. If you live in a shared complex or apartment, get in touch with whoever you're renting from and notify them of the problem. This is going to require effort on all ends for it to be successful.

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2. Strategy Time

Grab your pen, paper and calendar. Pick time and plans each stage of the treatment plan accordingly. If you don't follow some sort of agenda, the plan probably won't work. You'll need to keep records of the process, too. Make sure to note dates and locations where you find bed bugs. If not, you're giving them a home-field advantage.

3. Prevent Spread

This is a really important step. If you don't stop the infestation from spreading, whatever you clean will just grow host to more bed bugs, nullifying everything you did. Empty stuff like vacuums and anything used to collect dust. Items from the general area of the infestation should be sealed in airtight plastic bags to prevent them from hosting anymore of the creatures. If something is beyond hope, trash it – it's not worth the hassle of trying to remove a serious problem by pouring more money than the furniture is actually worth into it. That doesn't mean go crazy throwing away things; only do this if you're sure that you can't treat it. Once you're done sealing everything up, it's time to prepare for the treatment. There are great resources on top of what we'll go over on the web as well, so take time to check those out as well. Make sure to prepare otherwise it won't work.

4. Removing The Bed Bugs

It's not time for the removal of bed bugs from your home. Here are a few steps to adhere to while extermination. They are:

  • Use non-chemical solutions first
  • Heat treating infested clothes is a first; place effected clothes, sheets and other washables into a heavy was cycle and dry on high heat for at least 30 minutes.
  • Cold treatment works too – if you have a cold enough deep freezer (0 degrees F), leaving effected items in that temperature for four days will work as well.
  • Next, use pesticides. Follow EPA-registered pesticides and their labels for the most effective treatment. Foggers are great, but handle them with as much care as possible and schedule a time for the act.
  • Your pesticide must mention bed bugs for it to be effective.

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After a few days of following these treatments and precautions, you should see a drop in the Bed Bug Bites. Keep doing this until there are no signs of infestation and if need be , call a professional.
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